Successful commercial roof repairs and preventive maintenance require thorough analysis and expert understanding of each property to ensure an approach that brings the longest life to a roof.

We’re Chicago’s premier flat and steep roofing experts for commercial roof repair, roof maintenance and 24/7 emergency roof service for churches, schools, high-rise building, shopping malls and industrial properties.

We understand the investment you make in your property and seek to help you get the best return on that investment. Whether you need to maintain, repair, recover or replace your roof, you can always rest easy with Raincoat Roofing.


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It is estimated that 70% of roofs are replaced with 30% or more of their serviceable life still remaining. That could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted. If only you could identify and correct potential roofing problems before it’s too late. With Raincoat’s Roof Unique Maintenance plans, you can!

We’re proven experts in roof resolution solutions and are highly skilled at uncovering all the commercial roof threats that could cause deterioration, malfunction and even collapse. With our preventive maintenance plan, we can typically double the life span of a commercial roof. Twice a year, we’ll conduct roof inspections using our trained technicians, satellite imaging to ensure that your roof is properly maintained and repaired as needed, saving you time, money and aggravation.

Avoid the threat and debt of roof regret. Maintain now…avoid pain later!

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New insulation codes driving your roof replace costs up?

When it comes to Silicone Roof Coatings in Chicago, Raincoat Roofing is your trusted source! No one understands your industrial roof needs, and when a silicone roof coating can extend the life of your roof!

Raincoat's roof coating solutions represents a long-lasting, more permanent fix for your peace of mind.


Could you ever recover from a roof leak, roof malfunction or worse…a roof collapse?

Raincoat technicians ensure that you avoid these very real threats and stressful situations. We’re highly trained to perform a thorough roof inspection and provide an honest assessment whether re-roofing is more advantageous than roof replacement. We’ll then conduct in-depth research into local codes and determine whether the roof deck can support the additional material weight.

If our Roof Reliability Rating is positive, we’ll recommend roof recovering and apply a new roof and membrane over the existing one to save you time, money and restore your peace of mind.


For some clients, the sensible solution to roof problems is a full roof replacement, tearing off the entire roof and building a new one.

To provide the best recommendation, our roofing experts carefully perform a full cost-benefit analysis featuring critical details that will ultimately drive a roof replacement decision including the square footage, roof pitch and labor costs as well as the permits, licenses, disposal fees, accessibility and timing issues.

We carefully review our detailed findings with you and provide a free, complete quote with a competitive price. Once you “green light” the project, you’ll have complete confidence that the work will be done with the best materials and quality craftsmanship to ensure many years of roof safety and integrity.


When Commercial Roof Emergencies occur (and they inevitably will), Raincoat Is Your 24/7 Lifeline for Quick Emergency Repairs and Emergency Roof Replacements.

Thunderstorms, pouring rain, heavy winds. Ice build-up, satellite dish installations and air conditioning unit replacement. All very common causes of sudden roof tears, compromised structures and subsequent harmful damage to people and/or property.

No matter what causes sudden, unexpected damage, you can always depend on Raincoat Roofing to arrive fast and restore your peace of mind.