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Astor Ave. Building


This was one for the record books and Raincoat Roofing. The tallest building, we have worked on, to date, Raincoat was brought in to replace the existing roof. The uniqueness of the job was shown through the scope of work, not only were there several large HVAC units that needed to be raised to meet Chicago codes but the tear off and hauling of debris and garbage made for an interesting set up.

Project Highlights...

Because of the location of the building, tucked in the interior of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, 1555 North Astor meets at the corner of Astor and North Ave. It is minutes away from North Avenue beach, Lincoln Park South, and the Chicago History Museum. When setting up our safety precautions, Raincoat Roofing realized that the removal of the garbage, debris, and waste was going to be interesting. Just East of the building is a very small private drive that Raincoat could place dump boxes on for waste removal, from 55 stories above the lake. This same private drive was used to bring new materials on to the roof.

Unique Experience

Located 1 block West of North Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan, on the interior of Lake Shore Drive

The tallest building, to date, that Raincoat Roofing installed a new system on

Raised several oversized HVAC and Mechanical units to meet new curb height and insulation restrictions to meet City of Chicago and manufacturing specifications

Removed waste materials and loaded materials on to the roof off a small private drive

Qualified for 20-year warranty by manufacturer

Project Bio

1555 N. Astor, Chicago, Il.
Lincoln Park, Chicago, Il.

Company Size/Building Size:

55 story high rise on the interior of Lake Shore Drive.
1 block East of the Cardinal’s Mansion of Chicago, 2 blocks East of the Chicago History Museum
1 block West of North Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan