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Chicago Theatre


The Chicago Theater is as iconic to State St as State St is to downtown Chicago. Jeff Suess was in the beginning stages of building his relationship with Marc Reality and was brought in to provide Raincoat Roofing’s unique ability to make any job seem effortless and easy, regardless of the challenges that were given. The Chicago Theater offered very limited working conditions. State St. has a very busy and pedestrian heavy “L” stop going through the North, with an adjacent high rise building directly to the East, and an alley way that needed 100% clearance at all at times to the South.

Project Highlights...

The roof of the Chicago Theater has several cell phone towers that were mounted to the roof that needed to be moved, while still being operational, in conjunction with masonry work that was being completed at the same time. Asbestos was found in the flashing and needed professional removal. There was (4) separate roof areas that were completed in phases through this project, which was highlighted by our ability to coordinate efforts between multiple trades; including masonry, plumbing, and asbestos removal. Terracotta was taken apart and numbered piece by piece to be put back together at point of completion to bring the aesthetic appearance of the Theater back.

Unique Experience

Roof had to be loaded during off working hours to keep streets and alleyways free and clear in times of need and in coordination with a simultaneous construction project happening directly next door

Project took roughly 4 weeks to complete, during the first replacement phase

Raincoat Roofing coordinated our work completion with 4 other trades

The Chicago Theater maintained landmark status upon completion of the project

Project Bio

175 N. State St. Chicago, Il
The Loop
Registered historic Chicago landmark

Company Size/Building Size:

6 buildings with roughly 20,000 square feet of roofing.