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Mercury Plastics


Jeff Suess began working with Mercury Plastics, INC in 1984. First being brought in to provide some repair costs and budgeting for a section of roof replacement. Mercury Plastics has since been a long - lasting relationship, and unique at that, because of the total amount of roofing needed to cover the expansive industrial business. Mercury Plastics’ in - house capabilities are endless, being able to create custom plastic molds for just about anything. From sheet extrusion, milling and routing to custom printing, laser cutting and die cutting; Mercury Plastics has proven to be a namesake in the plastics business.

Project Highlights...

Raincoat Roofing has performed various amounts of repairs over several different areas of the business, knowing that different production lines and types of productions take place underneath various sections. Of the roughly 126,500 square feet of roofing space, Mercury Plastics has several different roof types; including ballasted EPDM, asphalt shingle, smooth modified bitumen, granular modified bitumen and single ply PVC membranes. From our first visit to our most recent repairs call, Raincoat Roofing has touched every roof of this facility; providing quality and lasting service dating back 35 years.

Unique Experience

126,500 square feet of roofing space.

5 different roofing membranes used in multiple sections of the industrial space.

35 - year relationship between the owners of Mercury Plastics and Raincoat Roofing

Manufacturer of multiple plastic materials and molds, running production 24 hours a day

Custom 3D printing capabilities protected by a Raincoat Roof

Project Bio

Mercury Plastics – 11550 W. King St., Franklin Park, IL

Relationship started in 1984

Company Size/Building Size:

126,500 sq. ft. spanning over 10 plus roof sections