24 Hour Emergency Contact

Emergency Calls

There is no worse feeling than finding water coming into your home or business at a place that it is not supposed to. The overwhelming stress that comes with knowing something is wrong can easily be taken care of by Raincoat Roofing.

Our service teams are available every day of the week, all it takes is one phone call. We have been out in the middle of winter to stop ice and water overflows and have been to areas hours after a high wind high rain type storm. Raincoat Roofing is here to take the stress away and keep water and moisture outside where it belongs.

24 Hour Emergency Support

Roof Repairs

Most roofs are kept with the intentions of out of sight, out of mind. This is not always the best way to maintain something that is extremely important to your business. Small problems can turn into large headaches overnight, that’s where Raincoat Roofing can step in.

Our teams of professional service crews can perform repairs on any type of roof; from shingles made of slate or asphalt, to any type of single ply membrane or built up system. If you think something is a problem, have Raincoat Roofing inspect and repair your roof today.

In Depth Inspections With Future Plans

Not every roof needs replacement, or in need of many repairs. This is something that is difficult for business owners to gauge, because most problems are left unseen and unheard of until it is too late.

Raincoat Roofing offers your business, and portfolio, the opportunity to have in depth inspections; providing plans to bring your roof to a water tight condition and create a plan to either budget for a new roof in years to come or have a maintenance plan created to keep things water tight into the future. Only professionals can tell you what is best for your roof, Raincoat Roofing will do the right thing to make sure you save money and do not over invest when it is unnecessary.

Maintenence Plans

Not every roof is made the same. From your roof’s slope to drains, to the material used to keep it water tight, to even the size and distance from the ground. Each roof presents an opportunity for new things to go wrong, but that does not mean that a seasoned and veteran roofing company cannot have a plan put together to keep your roof water tight from season to season.

Raincoat Roofing provides bi-annual inspections, performed during the Spring and Fall months. Our 13-point checklist details each inspection and notes problem areas to keep our eyes on for years to come. Have your businesses customized maintenance plan created by Raincoat Roofing today!