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Property Management

Helping to manage portfolios of any size, Raincoat Roofing can take stress away from your roof maintenance, repairs, and recovery. Raincoat Roofing performs regular scheduled maintenance visits, emergency leak stoppage and repairs, and roof assessment and inspections of future investments. Your investments and portfolio is in good hands with Raincoat Roofing.

Church, Parish, and Synagogue

Raincoat Roofing has built an incomparable reputation as the trusted church and synagogue roof expert for maintenance, emergencies and replacement. We support and take care of the Chicagoland and its surrounding communities Archdiocese churches. Roof tops covering a place of worship are meant to be a work of art. Raincoat Roofing has the experience and integrity to maintain the beauty of your building.

Commercial Institutions

Raincoat Roofing has developed a strong sense of passion and integrity for helping to maintain various places of higher education. Our ability to keep your campus’s unique beauty from its original creation will allow current and future students to feel more at home day by day. Your future students and our future leaders are safe to grow intellectually under your Raincoat roof.

Business and Industrial Parks

Raincoat Roofing has partnered with several different property management groups and industrial entrepreneurs to manage specific niche markets. We have prepared and repaired office buildings, whether multi-tiered and multi-storied or single level with large square footage, to warehouse and industrial spaces built for storage or manufacturing. Raincoat Roofing has kept large investments safe and ready for all that the Midwest climate has to offer.

Raincoat Roofing- roofing redefined for your peace of mind

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