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Commercial Institutions

It is estimated that 70% of roofs are replaced with 30% or more of their serviceable life still remaining. That could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted. If only you could identify and correct potential roofing problems before it’s too late. With Raincoat’s Roof Unique Maintenance plans, you can!

We Know Roofing

Roof Emergencies

No matter what time of day, or what time of year, Raincoat Roofing is ready to handle any roof emergency you may encounter. Severe leaks over a lecture hall to a constant drip in the dean’s office, any emergencies that can happen Raincoat will take care of. Raincoat Roofing has been called out in the worst of storms and the brightest of days; we have always delivered the best results making sure your problems have been taken care of.

Roof Replacement

Your roof is the capstone to your buildings that house the future of our nation. Raincoat Roofing has provided positive options and powerful results, maintaining the beauty and candor of the buildings on your campus. From steep slope shingled areas to flat roofs over bays of computers and library stacks, Raincoat Roofing has taken poor, failing roofs and turned them into solved problems.

Roof Repair

Repairs of all shapes and sizes present themselves during any time of year. Raincoat Roofing has taken care of the smallest of patches to the biggest of replacements. Any repair that may need to take place, of any size on any building type, Raincoat Roofing has provided quality and skillful work in adequate time periods. No repair is too big or too small, nor too insignificant. Raincoat Roofing will solve every issue.

Maintenence Plans

Your campus is the birthplace of our next generation’s leaders. How it looks is as important as who the students are that attend classes there. Raincoat Roofing customizes the maintenance of each building on your campus, making sure that the potential problems do not turn into lasting headaches. Our specific and unique inspection plans makes sure that your campus maintains its beauty from season to season.

From Our Clients

Electro Insulation

Raincoat Roofing was super responsive, extremely professional and very nice to work with...true professionals who really do care...
- Bill P.

Venture One

Their work is top-notch and they are very honest and trustworthy, a refreshing change of pace in the commercial roofing industry.
- Rick G.

Property Solutions

I can depend on them to diagnose and solve potential roofing problems long before they occur. They are a 10+ in my book!
- Pamela C.

Atomatic Mechanical Services

For knowledgeable experts and quality workmanship at fair, reasonable prices, I recommend Raincoat Roofing.
- Richard H.

Marc Reality

Raincoat Roofing is an honest trustworthy partner who understands my needs and concerns
- Mike Z.

Case Studies

Lake Forest College

Scott Savage began Raincoat Roofing’s relationship with Lake Forest College in the mid 2010’s. Lake Forest College has been a historic educational institution on the North Shore of Chicago, founded in 1857, as one of the first higher education campuses in the Chicagoland area.

Dominican University

Jeff Suess’ relationship with Dominican University started around the early 1990’s. Raincoat Roofing’s first project was to help retrofit a copper metal standing seam roof over the Library on the Main Campus. The campus has been located at its 30 - acre residence since 1922, where it was formerly known as Rosary College.

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Since 1981, Raincoat Roofing has maintained, repaired and replaced commercial, industrial and residential roofs for thousands of satisfied customers. From day one, we have followed a strict set of core values that have ensured our success: Honesty, loyalty, dependability, quality, dedication, skill and fairness in everything we do.