Professional Property Management Services


We Treat Your Roof Like It’s Our Roof

Since 1981, Raincoat Roofing has been dedicated to maintaining, repairing, and replacing commercial, industrial, and residential roofs, earning the satisfaction of thousands of customers. Our success is rooted in a set of core values that guide our every action: honesty, loyalty, dependability, quality, dedication, skill, and fairness.

Unmatched Roofing Expertise


Efficient Roof Leak Repairs

At Raincoat Roofing, we have resolved every major and minor roof leak issue encountered throughout our years of experience. Whether it's an open seam on counter flashing or a small tear caused by adverse weather conditions, we understand that complex problems can often be traced back to their simplest origins. With unwavering workmanship and integrity, we ensure that the quality and care we invest in solving your issues will keep your roof watertight.


Emergency Response for Severe Weather

The Midwest climate can be unpredictable, transitioning rapidly from peaceful serenity to thunderstorms and hail in a matter of moments. Raincoat Roofing is prepared to protect your investment, business, and family in any season. Our emergency hotline is available 24/7 to address any weather-related roofing issues. Don't let a poor weather report cause you stress when Raincoat Roofing is ready to handle the aftermath of Mother Nature's fury.


Customized Maintenance Plans

Proper maintenance, carried out by a professional contractor and certified installer, significantly extends the lifespan and value of your roof. Raincoat Roofing offers unique and tailored maintenance plans for you and your property portfolio, specifically designed for each building's needs. Our 13-point, sub-categorized checklist meticulously examines every square inch of your roof, empowering you with the confidence and preparedness to address any future budgetary costs.


Portfolio and Investment Consulting

Raincoat Roofing has been privileged to work with top property managers across the Chicagoland area. With our extensive experience, we have assessed properties of all sizes and types, ranging from high-rises in the city center to warehouse spaces in suburban industrial parks. We provide comprehensive inspections, offering property managers valuable insights into the current condition of their roofs. Our detailed feedback includes budgetary estimates and replacement timeframes if necessary, serving as trusted advisors for thousands of properties.