The Complete Package for Your Roofing Needs

Expert Flat Roof Solutions

At Raincoat Roofing, we approach each new flat roofing project as an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise as the leading commercial roofer in Chicago. We understand that every flat roof system is unique, presenting its own set of opportunities and concerns. Whether the project specifications require specific manufacturers and materials or we are entrusted to provide our expert opinion, no job is beyond our roofing capabilities.

With a proven track record, Raincoat Roofing excels in applying modified bitumen systems, single ply systems, and unique joint systems from several reputable manufacturers. We not only present you with the best options for your flat roof, but we also provide a comprehensive inspection report, detailing why the proposed system will serve as a long-lasting investment for the next 20-30 years.

Industrial building's roof covered with roofing paper

Specialized Roofing for Steep Slopes and High-Rise Buildings

Every roofing system is unique to each building, and no two systems perform at the same level of excellence. Raincoat Roofing recognizes this and appreciates the distinct nature of every situation and potential job, taking into account the type of building to create the best roofing system for you. Our expertise extends to high-rise roofing projects, where we ensure lasting results through the application of safe and timely roofing solutions.

With a proven track record in multiple steep slope applications, including clay tiles, slate shingles, asphalt shingles, and unique material combinations, Raincoat Roofing tackles even the most challenging roof angles with a focus on safety and durability. Throughout the Chicago land area, we have worked on a variety of buildings and properties, delivering enduring beauty and functionality.

Roof Coatings for Enhanced Protection

Not every roof requires a complete replacement. Some roofs can benefit from the application of roof coatings, providing an effective solution to improve the appearance, quality, and longevity of the existing system. Raincoat Roofing has achieved positive results on various building types by utilizing different types of coatings. From silicone-based coatings to fibrated aluminum, we carefully select and apply the most suitable coating for your property, offering long-term protection. While coatings may not resolve every issue, they provide ample time for budgeting larger-scale investments.


Recover and Re-Roof for Cost-Effective Solutions

Whether you are acquiring a building from previous tenants or seeking to renovate and repurpose a structure, it is likely that the roofing system has undergone aging. Raincoat Roofing can help you minimize costs through our recover and re-roof services. We conduct thorough inspections and surveys to provide a precise diagnosis for your roof and investment. If we determine that your property is a suitable candidate for a re-roof or recover, we will advise you accordingly. This approach not only helps manage expenses but also ensures that you receive the best options for your business, providing peace of mind and a long-lasting solution.