Roofing Maintenance

24/7 Emergency Services

Discovering water infiltration in your home or business is an alarming situation. The stress and anxiety that come with such incidents can be overwhelming. At Raincoat Roofing, we are here to alleviate your worries.

Our dedicated service teams are available seven days a week, ready to respond to your emergency calls. Whether it's addressing ice and water overflows during the winter or providing immediate assistance after a severe storm with high winds and heavy rainfall, Raincoat Roofing is committed to promptly resolving issues and preventing water damage, ensuring that water and moisture stay where they belong—outside.


Expert Roof Repairs

Roofs often remain out of sight and out of mind until problems arise. However, neglecting even small issues can lead to significant headaches down the line. At Raincoat Roofing, we offer professional roof repair services to tackle any type of roofing problem.

Our teams of skilled service crews are experienced in repairing various roof types, including slate or asphalt shingles, single ply membranes, and built-up systems. If you suspect any issues with your roof, entrust Raincoat Roofing to conduct thorough inspections and provide the necessary repairs to maintain the integrity of your roof.

Comprehensive Inspections and Future Planning

Not every roof requires immediate replacement or extensive repairs. Determining the best course of action can be challenging for business owners, as most problems remain unseen until it's too late.

Raincoat Roofing provides in-depth inspections, enabling us to develop comprehensive plans to ensure your roof's water-tight condition. We can assist you in budgeting for a new roof in the future or create a customized maintenance plan to preserve the integrity of your roof over time. Our professional expertise ensures cost-effective solutions, preventing unnecessary expenses and safeguarding your investment.


Customized Maintenance Plans

Every roof is unique, with varying slopes, drainage systems, materials, and sizes. Each roof presents its own set of challenges, making proactive maintenance essential for its longevity and functionality.

Raincoat Roofing offers customized maintenance plans tailored to your specific roof. Our bi-annual inspections, conducted during the Spring and Fall seasons, follow a comprehensive 13-point checklist. This thorough assessment identifies potential issues and allows us to monitor problem areas over the years. Take advantage of Raincoat Roofing's expertise and have a personalized maintenance plan created for your business today!