Roofing Innovations

Drone Inspections for Comprehensive Roof Assessments

No project is too big or too small, but when it comes to roofing systems, certain aspects require special attention. At Raincoat Roofing, we offer a unique solution—a bird's eye view of your roof through our advanced drone inspections. Our drone inspections provide a complete 360-degree view of your roof, whether you have an expansive industrial setting or need to identify a problem area several stories high.

Experience the benefits of Raincoat Roofing's drone inspections, designed to cater to anyone facing unique circumstances. Not only do we capture crystal clear imagery of your entire property, but we also provide perspectives that may not be easily accessible from a safe vantage point. Our drone inspections are a safe, affordable, and powerful tool to ensure a thorough assessment of your roof.


Enhance Roof Efficiency with Thermographic Imaging

Building envelopes, roofing membranes, and rooftop exteriors often face various issues stemming from a wide range of causes. In the last decade, thermographic imagery has emerged as a vital tool in the roofing industry, and its significance will only continue to grow. By utilizing thermographic imaging, we can capture detailed images that reveal the materials used, overall quality, and condition of your roof, while pinpointing potential problem areas.

With the introduction of new energy codes in Chicago and its surrounding neighborhoods, a comprehensive evaluation of your building or property plays a crucial role in determining your roof's energy efficiency. Raincoat Roofing proudly offers thermographic imagery services for any type of roof, providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your roof keeps the elements out and maintains a comfortable indoor environment.

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Precise Satellite Imagery and Measurements for Accurate Assessments

At Raincoat Roofing, we take your roof surveys, inspections, and plans seriously. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, we employ advanced tools and even reach for the stars during our pre-inspection process. Utilizing satellite imagery, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your roof's condition, whether we need a quick snapshot before a planned visit or prepare a detailed report to help you budget for the future.

Our ability to obtain precise measurements, down to the inch, guarantees the most accurate budgeting and proposals for any necessary work. Moreover, we can access historical satellite images to analyze the evolution of your property and understand how the elements have impacted your valuable investment. Trust Raincoat Roofing to provide you with the most detailed and insightful information for informed decision-making.


Our insulation partner HEC

We utilize HEC Insulation for even our toughest projects. With over 40 years in business and a proven track record of successful installations, HEC is a trusted partner.  From helping to achieve OSHA requirements for noise exposure in industrial applications, to creating more comfortable and healthy environments for residential buildings, HEC is there for your business.


National Roofing Partners

When it comes to delivering exceptional quality, integrity, timeliness, and workmanship, Raincoat Roofing stands out among the rest. We are not only recognized and accredited by leading roofing manufacturers, but we are also proud members of the esteemed National Roofing Partners (NRP). As a part of this distinguished group of well-established roofing contractors operating across the United States, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project.

The NRP, headquartered in Texas, comprises a collective of like-minded professionals dedicated to maintaining high standards throughout the industry. By upholding a commitment to superior workmanship, prompt project execution, and forging affordable partnerships with corporate contracts, the NRP has established a strong presence nationwide. Raincoat Roofing proudly represents the Chicago and Midwest regions, collaborating with the NRP on projects of varying scope and scale.

Choose Raincoat Roofing, backed by the support and resources of the National Roofing Partners, for a trusted partnership that delivers exceptional results across the nation.